Bright Spot Q&A

What is the purpose of the Bright Spot Program?

The Bright Spot Program was established to enhance the appearance of Middletown and encourage active participation of residents in beautifying our community. This initiative was launched over 20 years ago thanks to grant and sponsorship funding.

Who can participate in the Bright Spot Program?

Anyone can volunteer to sponsor or “adopt” the planters, such as businesses, individuals, or volunteer organizations. 

What is the sponsor’s responsibility?

It is the responsibility of the sponsor to plant, weed, and water the planters as necessary throughout the season. KMB and City staff are available for guidance on plant materials and design of the planters. Planters need to be planted by the end of May and they should be watered at least twice a week, depending on the weather conditions. For example, if there is an exceptionally dry, hot stretch of weather, the planters my need to be watered more than two times that week. Conversely, if there is a stretch of rainy weather, the planters may only need to be watered once if at all during the week.

What is the adoption term commitment?

The sponsorship/adoption agreement is for an approximate 6-month period beginning May 1, or after the last spring frost, and ending at the end of October, or whenever the plants are at the end of their season. 

Will it be advertised who has adopted the planters for the season?

Yes – the business/organization/volunteer’s name, and/or logo, can be displayed on signs that will be placed in each planter if requested.

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