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Keep Middletown Beautiful is always looking for community members and volunteers willing to help out the community by cleaning up parks, streets, and neighborhoods. Keep Middletown Beautiful is also involved in painting signs & park benches, maintaining the ‘Welcome to Middletown’ signs, and planting flowers for the Bright Spot Locations around Middletown. If you would like to contact us to volunteer, please follow this link to our Volunteer Page and fill out the Volunteer Form. Keep Middletown Beautiful has many opportunities for people of all ages to help out the community. If you are under the age of 14, we do require you to have a parent or guardian accompany you while volunteering.

If you have any comments, concerns, or would just like to get a hold of Keep Middletown Beautiful, please send an email to Doris Roberts,, or call us at (513) 425-7750.

1 Donham Plaza
Middletown Ohio, 45042
(513) 425-7750



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