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People make Middletown beautiful. Each unique neighborhood, block, or resident contributes in their way to making our city special. Our Programs support diversity and inclusion by empowering each community to realize their vision of a beautiful place to live. While we are active in every neighborhood, resources are distributed equitably, so that the neighborhoods that need the most help receive it. Programs and initiatives are developed to align with our goals to continue future success.

KMB PROGRAMS & initiatives

Goal: Beautify Middletown

Community Bright Spot

Learn more about our Community Bright Spot Program and how you can add color to our community.

Beautification awards

Check out our Good Neighbors Care Awards and Business Recognition Awards and what it takes to earn recognition.

Beautification Awards

Goal: end littering

Litter-free events

Learn more about initiative incentives available to hold a litter-free event for groups that sponsor programs open to the public.

Litter-Free Events

Goal: improve recycling

Public space recycling

Check out how KMB is working to expand, improve, and encourage recycling in public spaces, like a park near you.

Public Space Recycling

recycling at work

Learn more about the Keep America Beautiful “Recycle at Work” national voluntary initiative to increase recycling in the workplace.

Recycling At Work

Goal: Education

Youth Initiatives

Learn more about youth programs and resources to help increase our next generations involvement.

Public Space Recycling

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